Android Application Renault Radio Code Car

If you are looking for a free Android application to get your Renault car radio code, than I will explain in this article how to recover step by step the code of your post for free.

All ranges Renault vehicles ( clio ,laguna , kangoo, espace ,megane ,dacia ,duster ,  trafic ,espace, cabasse,Koleos,Kangoo Express ,Kadjar,twingo zoe ,twizy ,talisman,master, maxity,captur, alaskan ,latitude ,wind,symbol,twizy, Scenic …. etc ) are equipped with a code protection system.

Your radio is asking for a PIN code which is composed of 4 digits to work. That is why this application is developed.

How to recover the car radio Renault code?

There are two methods available to you: simple quick and free to recover Renault radio code:

Here are the steps to follow to recover Renault radio code Android applicatio :

Step 1 : Download the application Renault radio code generator

Go to google play and Install this application on your tablet or phone and use it app Renault radio gen code click on image to download.

Step 2: get your Pre code from the sticker on the back of your car radio

Remove the car radio from its location using a kit of disassembly keys for car radio: put nails in the 4 holes to take it out

then get your number (Pre code) consisting of a capital letter and 3 digits see the picture below. Often there are times Security next to it,

 Step 3 : unblock or converter Pre code

Finally enter this pre code in the application, then confirm by pressing the start key, as shown in the photo below and the application will convert and you will get your original Renault safety code.

Step 4 : Between your security code and the car radio

Once the code is entered To validate it, there is 2 solution, press the 5 or 6 keys next to your car radio. Either you hold down 5 long until you hear a beep or you keep pressing key 6.