Car Radio Removal Tool Kit

How to remove your car radio with extraction keys? A car radio is protected by an anti-theft system that prevents it from being dislodged too easily. Several methods exist to remove the car radio from its base.

Often, you will find 4 small holes in the front of the device. There is no screw and just push something at the same time in the 4 holes to unlock the car radio. You have to check the model of your car radio before disassembly. The easiest way is to use disassembly keys or extraction keys to unlock the car radio without efforts.

How to use the extraction keys to disassemble your car radio?

There are several models of extraction keys. 3 models are available on the market. It is necessary to check on the front of your car radio which system is adapted to the dismantling of the car radio.

U-shaped car radio key

The U-shaped extraction keys are each equipped with pointed tips that are simultaneously put in the unlocking holes of the car radio. To use this type of key, you must place on one side of the car radio, a key and the second on the other side.

How to use : Insert the two extraction keys into the holes. You then hear a click that warns you that the keys are locked. You can then remove the car radio without forcing.

Before removing the car stereo completely, you must unplug the power cables and the connections to the speakers.

Key for car radio removal and disassembly

These 4 extraction keys are inserted into the holes of the car radio. They are useful for removing an original car radio for the following car brands: Ford, Audi, Mercedes, Volkswagen, BMW …

Check the manual of your car radio or by visualizing its facade if this type of car radio removal keys is adapted to your device. They are sold in sets of four.

How to use : Position an extraction key in each removal hole of the unit. Be careful, it is mandatory to place the 4 keys to debit the car radio. You must hear a little click that confirms that the key to properly unlock the car stereo. If you feel that the car radio is stuck on one side. Remove the key and reposition it in the hole.

Car radio removal key

Flat-shaped, this car radio extraction kit consists of 2 keys to be inserted into the withdrawal holes. This type of car stereo key can be used to remove the Pionner car radio.

Once the extraction keys are correctly positioned, pull it out to remove the car radio from its location.

What are extraction methods without extraction keys worth?

The Internet is teeming with methods that tell you how to remove a car radio without special tools. Some people advise you to use nails or screwdrivers to unlock the car radio. These methods must be avoided. The size of the tip of a screwdriver or nail can not match the unlocking holes. You may damage your car stereo.

Mining keys are not expensive. For this price, it would be a shame to break the locking system of your car radio.