How To Enter Radio Code Renault

Through this article, I will explain how to enter Radio Code Renault and how to validate step by step Most Renault cars require the same procedure. to enter the radio code as clio  2 3 4 , laguna , kangoo, megane , KWID ,Captur ,Duster , Lodgy , Zoe , Kwid EV , Kwid MPV, Fluence , Koleos , Pulse , Scala , Alaskan , espace ,kadjar, Grand Scenic , master , talisman , trafic , scinic , maxity , twizy , Avantime , modus , midlummm , latitude , premium  , Twingo and others.

  • old model  1999 , 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2000
  • new model 2011  2012 2013 2014 2015 2017 2018

If you have not yet received the PIN code for your car radio This article will help you to get it >>>> RENAULT RADIO CODE

How to Enter Renault radio Code ?

After recovering your code, all you have to do is enter the PIN code in the car radio.

How to enter renault car radio code :

Step One Turn on your car radio:

Turn on the radio then wait a few seconds Once the numbers displayed on the screen can be four flashing or fixed zeros 0000, if this is the case and the zeros are flashing, you are able  to enter the PIN code.

Second Step Enter PIN Code:

In this step You have three methods to choose from how to  Enter Renault radio code :

  •  First Method, A use of buttons directly accessible on the car radio is possible. Try to: Press the 1 button repeatedly to display the first number Press the 2 button repeatedly to display the second number Press the 3 button repeatedly to display the third digit Press the 4 button repeatedly to display the fourth digit number Press and hold the Preset 6 (or 5) button to save your code. Note that it could take 10 seconds.


  • Second Method, Take your steering wheel remote control and; Press the [¬] button, then turn the dial for the 1st digit Press the [¬] button, then turn the dial for the 2nd digit Press the [¬] button, then turn the 3rd digit dial Press the [¬] button, then turn the 3rd digit dial if the displayed code is correct, press and hold the [¬] button to save the code. Note that it could take 10 seconds.


  •  Third Method, By controlling the stem, by pressing the switch of the CD player, the CD will display 0000. By turning the wheel to the desired digit and pressing the lower button, the desired digit will be confirmed in its place and the cursor will move to the next one. Repeat this procedure until you obtain the code by displaying it on the screen. Note that it will be necessary to keep the bottom button pressed for a certain time during the last confirmation to the last digit so that the action is globally performed and confirmed.

Third Step Activate car radio:

Finally to register your Renault radio code by pressing the 6 OR 5 button. Depending on the car radio. Note that the validation will be confirmed by emitting a long beep that could take 10 seconds.


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