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Hello everyone here is how to find the Renault Clio Radio Code for free with Calculator Generator , following a disconnection or a change of battery of your Renault Clio car especially after a breakdown, your car radio asks for a security code that you do not have access to. All Renault vehicles are equipped with a code protection system, do not worry, just follow these instructions, and you will be able to listen again to your favorite channels again while driving.

In this article, I will share with you how to get the radio code for all Renault Clio radio models

  •     Renault Clio 2003 Radio Code
  •     Renault Clio 2 Radio Code
  •     Renault Clio 2 Campus Radio Code
  •     Renault Clio 2 Rs Radio Code
  •     Renault Clio 3, Comllection Radio Code
  •     Renault Clio 4 Estate Radio Code
  •     Renault Clio 4 Company Rs Estate Radio Code
  •     Renault Clio 5 Radio Code
  •     Renault clio radio code 2006 , 2008 , 2003
  • ……

Do not try the classic code examples such as “0000” or “1234”, an effective program exists, helping you, through this guide, to find your code

First you could recover the pre-code of your Renault car radio, through this code, you will get the original code of your Renault Clio radio

Recover Clio radio Pre Code:

Developed to be a unique identifier of your car radio, it is essential to recover it. Try to find it on a label stuck on your car radio or by manipulating it manually.

Manual handling method directly on the car radio buttons: Simultaneously press buttons 1 and 6 or 1 and 5 on the car radio and then switch it on.

A letter followed by three numbers should appear, it is indeed your pre-code. Renault clio radio code

Car radio label recovery method: Take your car radio out of its original location with a car radio key kit.

You should find, by driving a nail into each hole, as shown in the first picture, a label on which is marked;

a letter followed by three numbers followed by the acronym SECURITY in some cases, as indicated on the second image.

Unlock Renault Clio Car Radio Pre-code:

After acquiring your pre code, from this one, you will be able to generate your Renault car radio Code with the App below

Enter your pre code and your email (required) in the application then Click on the unlock button to have your code

Enter Your Pre code


NB : If the program does not work, try it here  free >>>>> RADIO CODE CALCULATOR  .


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