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Here’s how to freely get Renault radio code calculator Generator thanks to this free program generated to unlock all Renault’s car radio brands in just one click. It works with clio 1 2 3, Laguna, Kangoo, Megane, KWID, Captur, Duster, Lodgy, Zoe, Kwid EV, Kwid MPV, Fluence, Koleos, Pulse, Scala, Alaskan, Space, Kadjar, Grand Scenic, Master, Talisman , traffic, scinic, maxity, twizy, Avantime, modus, midlummm, latitude, premium, Twingo and others.


Following a breakdown, a car battery shortage following an unexpected repair, Renault car radio will request a security code to become operational, however, if you’re not able to provide the code and you don’t have an instruction manual, no need to panic. This guide will help you to calculate Renault’s car radio code by the number mentioned in the car radio and a simple program. It is a code that is specific to each Renault’s car radio.

How to recover the pre-code of your Renault car radio ?

First, it is important to note the importance of mastering the Pre code of your car radio. In fact, it allows a specific identification of the car’s radio. The latter is labeled as a notice on the car’s radio, but it can be obtained by having a combination of press button.

  • First method (without dismantling): Discover the pre-code with the car’s radio button.

This is the first solution to test to be able to get the pre-code. 6 buttons numbered from 1 to 6 are present on Renault’s car radio. Just press button 1 and 6 and switch on the device. Like magic, the pre-code appears on the car radio screen.

Attention, for some car radios, it is necessary to instead press button 1 and 5, although the manual of the car radio indicates button 1 and 6. Tricky from Renault

  • Second method (With dismantling): recover from the label attached to the car radio

It must be known that it is possible to get your Pre-code from the label that is attached at the back or onone side of your car radio. However, you will have to remove the car radio. First, you have to inert a nail inside all the holes, placed at the four corners of the car’s radio frontage.


Then, the car’s radio will be released.Younow pull the car’s radio towards you to finally get your pre-code number; this number is ended by a capital letter and three figures. It will appear on a plate attached behind or on the side of your car’s radio.

In this example above the pre code is Q662: see picture

Second Step Unlock Pre Code To Get Code:

To simplify the recovery of the radio code, I put online, a car’s radio code calculator for Renault cars at the top of the page. There afterwards, you enter your Pre-code, your email and validate your entry so that the Renault radio code calculator generator appears

Entre Your Pre code

NB : Please if the program does not work write down the pre-code in comment and  I will answer you as soon as possible

How to Enter Renault radio code :

There are 2 methods to enter the PIN code on your radio

  • Method 1: In this example, we will use the car radio keyboard (Press the FM / AM station buttons).
  • Method 2: Enter the activation code with the number buttons in the device. To do this, use button 1 to 4. Key 1 is used to enter the first digit of the code; key 2 provides information on the second digit and so on for keys 3 and 4.

Example: For further explanation, we will enter the code listed 3567 below on the car radio buttons nostations:

– Button n ° 1: 3 pushes

– Button n ° 2: 5 pushes

– Button n ° 3: 6 pushes

– Button n ° 4: 7 pushes

Finally, you confirm by pressing the button 6. Depending on the car radio, it is sometimes necessary to press the button 5. Its approval isusually confirmed by emitting a long beep. And now you can enter the original Renault Radio Code

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